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Last Lap

Five hundered miles, the white flag had been flown
Fans on their feet the winner soon to be known
Dale looking ahead with his car so wide
Keeping the others back and to his side
Waltrip calling the race watching Mikie go for the win
Spotters transmitting, stay low you are almost to the end
One, two, three, is what we all wanted to see
But now we know this will never be
"I'll hold them off" Earnhardt must of said
Go ahead guys and lets put this one to bed
All eyes on the finish, one and two
Then turned to the crash, to see what was true
The greatest driver a hero to us all
Has crashed and hit the wall
He'll walk way we thought, like many times before
But this will not happen, he has gone to meet the Lord
Family and fans stunned with the news
Without Dale what will we do
Now no intimidator to see
Nascar will never be the same without the number three
Heavens gates were opened and the announcer said come in
Start your engines and here you will always win
Your faith was strong and your heart was pure
Up here will be your grandest tour
Neil awaits his friend and Ralph wants to see his son
To race around heaven like no one else has done
So go for the glory and let your wings sail
The man in black is here.... and his name is Dale
Author Jovana Puckett


God signed on a new driver
though it seemed it shouldn't be
the heart of the racing community
who drove the number three.

The circumstances caught the surprise
of all who follow the sport.
Amidst excitement of millions of fans
the Legend's stay with us was cut short.

What would have been a glorious day
for Dale, his son, and his friend
turned into a state of disbelief
as reality finally sank in.

And now there are those who feel lost and numb
vowing never to watch another race.
They are heartbroken and feel empty inside
knowing no one can take his place.

But Dale, I feel, would disagree
in his own humble way.
Though we'll never see the Intimidator
there will be many more race days.

He would want the sport to go on
with its many dedicated fans
cheering with him as he watches Dale Jr.
from the best seat in the stands.

Because you know somewhere he's saying,
"Wipe that teardrop from your eye.
I, for one, will be watching with pride
from the race track in the sky."
Author Unknown

Hero In Our Hearts

You've been at our house, every week, for years,
and now with this tragedy, all we have is our tears.
We may have been your fan, we may have not,
But in all of our hearts, you held a big spot.
You were the best of the best, the cream of the crop
You would never give up, you would never stop
You were the Intimidator, The "Man in Black"
You raced your heart out, you could tear up a track.
7 time champion, hero, father, husband, and friend
How could all of this greatness come to an end
We can't imagine a race without you
But we will continue, you would want us to
It won't be the same, not now, not ever
But in our hearts you will race forever!
Author Unknown

Earnhardt...NASCAR'S Angel

God held a meeting up in the clouds
His angels...He would send.
They were to bring back to Heaven
A father, husband, a dear friend.

He watched from far away
The excitement on the track.
Dale Jr. and Waltrip were up in front
And Earnhardt was holding the pack.

"Now there's a man" the Lord said
"who has earned his respect!
And look at the pride in his eyes
for those he's trying to protect."

The Daytona 500 was on it's final lap
And the angels were sent to fall
Upon the famous black #3
When Earnhardt hit the wall.

The angels whispered to Dale
"Come with us to meet "The Maker"
After all He gave you the talent
To be "The Intimidator"

Dale looked toward the flag stand
as the checkered flag was flown.
"Okay Boys...I'm out of here
but Dale Jr. will carry on!"

Earnhardt will call down from Heaven...
At the start of each race day.
Let's get this race under way!!!!!!
Author Belinda M Thompson



All week I looked forward to Sunday's
As that was the day I would spend
Watching my Best Friend at his best
I was with him to the end.

I feel so lost and empty inside
I sit in disbelief and despair
I have nothing to look forward to
Knowing you won't be there.

It made me proud to see your pride
As your son excelled in his career
I could relate to that feeling
As I too hold my son so dear.

I know every time I see the number 3
It will bring a tear to my eye
It will take me back to the day
My Best Friend had to die.

You were are are my Hero
I wished we could have met
But I will live with the thought
I will still get to meet you yet.
Author Unknown


Sir Dale, Sir Black Knight, Good Night

From the 1979 Great American Race
To the fateful 2001 “Black Sunday”
Dale was a legend, hero, husband, father and friend
Only a true champion could wear all these hats above one face

Sunday, he strapped himself in
Going to do the job he loved
Driving fast, turning left
“Gentlemen, Start Your Engines”, let the race begin

He bumped some
He pushed some
He wrecked some and
He spun some

He left his trademark donut on some and the wall
With others he traded paint
"Rubbin's Racin'" he would say
And above everything, he respected all

He made us gasp and cheer
With his daring, dynamic passes
From the first time he got behind the wheel
To the final time he shifted #3 into gear

Unbeknownst to anyone
Dale’s time on this Earth was thru
The Good Lord came calling
“I need you in heaven, here with #1”

The Good Lord allowed Dale to see
His teammate and his son race off to glory
We witnessed a twist of fate
And reality came to be

In the blink of an eye in part
In a silent hush
He was whisked away from our sight
But not from our heart

The saying goes “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly”
Rest assured fellow racers
You have the fastest angel in heaven
Drive Fast, Turn Left and don’t question why

Dale Earnhardt would have wanted it this way
Continue to believe in God, family, friends and happiness
The race must go on
Each and every Sunday

Racing the black steel chariot was his life
He gave his family and his friends his all
Every Sunday from this date forward he will be missed
By his fans, his friends, his kids, and his wife.

GoodNight Sir Black Knight, Sir Dale!

Author SM